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Hobart 770548 Leather Welding Apron

This hobart welder apron has a leather brown color. It is a one size fit for most hobart welder models. It is made of 100% high-quality leather. It has a sturdy design, and is made to last.

Hobart 770548 Leather Welding Apron Ebay

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Cheap Hobart 770548 Leather Welding Apron

This hobart 770548 leather welding apron is the perfect accessory for your welding or welding and has a cowhide layer on the front for a secure fit. The hanger is located within the top left hand corner and is capable of at least 36 inches per minute. The apron is made from a great leather that is thick and weighty. It is completed with a built in pocket and a built in clasp. It has a stylish, modern look and is perfect for homers or other hands-on work. The apron also has a comfortable fabric seat and a sturdy build. this hobart welder apron is a great way to wear your welder's badge and its a comfortable, stylish leather. This apron has a leather fabric covering that is made to feel comfortable as you work. Theavorable design means that even if your welder's badge is soft, this apron will stay in place without feeling heavy or bulky. It is made from leather and is made to be tough and weatherproof. It has a-liconward hem and a-lac style tails.