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Leather Apron

This leather apron is perfect for the professional chef or barber. The pockets and crossback straps make it a perfect choice for men or women. The leather is also high quality and durable.

Distressed Leather Apron

Distressed Leather Apron

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Blacksmith Apron

The blacksmith apron is the perfect piece of clothing for blacksmiths and other professional athletes. Made from durable fabric, it contains all the supplies and tools that the blacksmith needs to get his or her work done.

Blacksmith Leather Apron

This leather apron is perfect for the blacksmith. It has six tool pockets, as well as five heat flame pockets. It is durable and heat resistant, making it perfect for use in the forge or in other leather-related activities. The apron also has two welding pockets, as well as five tool pockets. this leather blacksmith aprons is perfect for wearing on tourbus or any other day where a rainy day might come. The apron has two pockets on the shoulders for your phone or key off, and also a button pocket on the back to keep your hades gloves on. this blacksmith apron is a great heavy duty vinyl waterproof apron. It is also tough and durable, making it perfect for cooking or washing dishes. It is also easy to clean, with a removable water resistant top. this leather apron is a must-have for any barista or cook who needs to go to the oven or stove. It is made fromdenim and nappa leather strap with a barista baker work uniform and kitchen top. The apron has a comfortable straps and a sturdy construction.